SCW Product Series

St. Cloud Window offers some of the finest window systems available. Learn more about each series below, and follow the links for further details on sub-series, series performance tests and specific model drawings.

Series 900 - 5" Hung, Rolling & Fixed

The Series 900 has long been the benchmark of St. Cloud Window's superior window systems. Designed for performance over the long term, the Series 900 incorporates a tubular, wept sill for superior water resistance, redundant weather stripping for minimal air infiltration and a large airspace for thermal and exceptional acoustic performance. This could be the last window you ever buy.

Series 2500 - 2 5/8" Projecting & Fixed

The Series 2500 is a beautiful expression of form matching function. Its narrow sightlines offer maximum glass area and minimal frame providing unrestricted views and lots of daylight while the I-Strut thermal barrier provides exceptional thermal performance.

Series 3500 - 3 1/2" Terrace Doors & Sidelites

St. Cloud Window designs terrace doors with the same engineering aplomb as our windows - which reflects the solid confidence of a 5-point locking system, the luxury of quiet expressed in Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings of 42 (OITC 33) up to 59 (OITC 39) for our 10" Ultra Acoustic Product, and an elegance and style that matches seamlessly with either the most contemporary living spaces or precisely accurate historical renovations.

Series 4200

The 4200 Series Sliding Glass door is an ideal component for buildings with patios and terraces. The SCW 4200 Sliding Glass door has a two track system with a 5 5/8" frame depth and can be specially glazed for projects calling for acoustic attenuation.

Series 5000 - 5 1/2" Hung, Fixed

The Series 5000 is ideal for projects requiring high thermal efficiency, energy conservation and historic accuracy. Featuring dual Isobar technology with a variety of customizable options including muntin bars, transoms, and round top finishes.


The fact that nature can't be predicted is all the more reason to choose a window that can. St. Cloud Window impact products are engineered and independently tested to confront nature's greatest window challenges-excessive wind loads, windborne debris, heavy rain, and miserly energy conservation. Certifications for Miami-Dade TAS 201, 202, and 203 for "high velocity hurricane zones" means much more than the value of superior windows alone- it's priceless peace of mind.

Venetian Blinds

The perfect accent for our window applications. Available in an array of design options, our venetian blinds have the added bonus of lowering solar heat gain.

Acoustic (STC 34-44)

An ideal choice for hospitals, educational facilities, and commercial projects that may not be in a constant siege of noise, but are looking to keep out potential acoustic disruptions all the same. St. Cloud Window acoustic products exceed LEED requirements of STC 35 (Sound Transmission Class).

High Acoustic (STC 45-55)

Building a hotel near the airport? Designing a recording studio or production control room? No problem with our St. Cloud Window High Acoustic applications. Of all building materials, sound transfers most easily through standard windows. Our High Acoustic products effectively reduce sound transmission to provide the peace and quiet owners and occupants alike expect.

Ultra Acoustic (STC 55+)

Urban renewal is alive and well, and in some cases obnoxiously loud. For those projects requiring the utmost attention to acoustic attenuation, the solution is at hand. St. Cloud Window products are superior in acoustic performance with STC ratings as high as 60 in both operating and fixed applications, delivering the luxury of quiet in even the most extreme environments.

Acoustic Curtainwall

This product is designed to fit the acoustical needs for larger fenestrations with greater spans. Features include integral stacking mullion systems. Custom colors, dual finishes and myriad glazing options are available to fit the unique design of your project.

Historic Replication

In addition to a healthy obsession for performance, SCW values a keen eye for historic detail. Our narrow-line fixed and projecting windows have won 100% approval by the U.S. Department of Interior, National Parks Service, as a steel replication window matching historic sight-lines and frame dimensions. This is an absolute must for any project seeking tax credit for historic renovation. Our products are specifically designed for use in landmark and historic properties. We partner with you to bring the benefits of modern technology into perfect harmony with the unique historic integrity of your building.

Secondary Glazing

When you need increased thermal and acoustic performance without disrupting the building fa├žade or existing window systems, a secondary glazing system from St. Cloud Window can be the perfect solution.

Misc. Options

St. Cloud Window knows that each window project has its own personality, nuances and peculiarities. Customize your windows to fit your style with SCW's accessory options: panning, trim, muntins and hardware options. Your building. Your vision. Our windows.

A Guarantee as Superior as Our Windows

At St. Cloud Window, our commitment to your long-term satisfaction is represented by one of the most comprehensive guarantees in the industry -- up to a 10-year, non-prorated, full replacement or repair warranty. For us, it's a statement of confidence in a superior product. For you, it's your assurance of lasting value.

Call or write for a copy of our performance guarantee.